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Happy New Year
Never before has that simple phrase carried a more sincere message. On behalf of all OCs we hope that you and those you care about are safe and well and can soon be together again. This new year brings a new Head for Cranbrook School, OC Will Chuter. I am sure we all send him our best wishes at what must be an incredibly difficult time for every Head across the country.

OCA committee

"Cranbrook is a school for life, with a very active parent and Old Cranbrookian body locally and further afield. As an OC myself, I know this from experience. I credit Cranbrook with giving me an independent spirit, a love of learning, lifelong friends, and a passion for team sport and the arts. Perhaps there is no greater credit to its staff than to say that their example inspired me to teach. I see education as a conversation between generations about everything and anything: it is about learning how to treat other people well as much as how to write a top essay; it is about developing great human beings who can contribute broadly and positively to society in the future."

Will Chuter
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