Gary Marshall (Horsley 1977)
Playing Lynxes cricket has given me the opportunity to meet and play with Old
Cranbrookians from many different years, from the early 1970s to the present time. I have enjoyed watching and appreciating the vast array of skills and enthusiasm from all of those involved over the years. I have also met and played against many characters from the teams that the Lynxes have played against.

Many of the best times were spent in the Windmill during and after the matches and the Friday night parties around the pavilion were great fun.

I have played many sports over the years, football, hockey, cricket and squash and I have enjoyed them all. But Lynxes Cricket has to be the one that has given me the most pleasure.

To have played over so many years with many good friends and talented players is something that I will always treasure.

I made my debut for the Lynxes at Tunbridge Wells in 1975, playing Tunbridge Wells at the Nevill Ground. It was a memorable day from start to finish - catches, runs and a few beers on the Pantiles.

Two days that stand out are the two World Cup wins that the Lynxes achieved. The first came in 1990, the first year of the competition. A strong Lynxes side, led by Tim Spelling, won a good final match. Then again in 2005, after a few years away from the competition, Alex Presnell, with Tim Hinchcliffe as captain, again entered a team that went all the way. The two finals were played on good wickets against strong opposition. I was proud to have played inthem and fortunate to have won Man of the Match on both days.

Other very fond memories include a partnership of 250+ with Miles Richards, who has been one of the outstanding Lynxes cricketers. Scoring a hundred in my hundredth Lynxes innings was another performance that I will always treasure. Playing with fellow Lynxes like Tim Spelling, Mike Jenner, Tim Barlow, Hugo Youngman, Finn and Freddie Hulbert, the Thompsons, John Furminger and many more, as well as the many younger players coming through now, has been fun. I have also enjoyed the fielding which is not a part of the game that everyone likes.

I hope that Lynxes cricket continues to thrive for many years - well past the 75 th. Anniversary in 2022 - and that we can find another fixture or two for the Lynxes “week”. The cricket has changed from the old traditional format to result based matches, as cricket has changed at school with shorter matches. The players are more aggressive and capable of shotsthat I have never attempted. It is all good for the game in its own way and long may such developments continue.
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