Welcome - Tim Spelling
It was late in 2020 that I thought that, as it was such an important part of many Old Cranbrookians’ lives, we should try and record some memories of Lynxes cricket and the times spent on and around Big Side, before it was too late!
I would like to thank all the contributors for their time in writing their memories and Honey and her team for incorporating them in this Old Cranbrookians website. I hope you find it worthwhile to read them and feel a tad nostalgic. I would think that you will all find something different that catches your eyes and stirs your thoughts.

Any Lynxes cricketer can contribute their recollections at any time, so please do continue to add to the list and keep it as fresh as we can.

I would particularly like to thank Des High and Neil Richards (from Old Suttonians C.C.), Nigel Wheeler (from Scorpions C.C.) and Pete Ross (from Racqueteers C.C.) for their submissions on behalf of these Lynxes’ opponents,

Lynxes week was important for me personally, and I think that was mirrored by many who sent in their memories. I hope that future Lynxes will continue to enjoy their cricket on Big Side for many years hence - amongst their mates and with their families.

The Lynxes C.C. will be 75 years old in 2022 and I trust that we can celebrate in style at the school. This is quite an achievement and I am not sure if it is equalled by any other school in the UK. Are you?

Long may Lynxes cricket thrive. Thanks for opening this page and please continue to read the recollections in this section.
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