Back to school for Peter and Richard Kyle
Friday 08 May 2020
Peter (1958 – 1963 Crowden) and Richard (1956 – 1960 Crowden)

In July, Peter and Richard popped in to wander along memory lane during Peter’s visit from Australia. The brothers jokily challenged each other’s recollections of lessons in Barham House and whether the Old Gym and now Sixth Form Centre (then the new gym obviously) had been built in their era, but they were united in their memories of Crowden House as they stood reminiscing in their first dorm.

Richard recounted how, as the eldest, he was the first to be dropped alone by his parents in the hallway of Crowden House, (now School Lodge), his parents leaving with a simple handshake and wave goodbye as was quite usual for the times.

Peter recounted stories of pranks played on roommates and with a boyish smile, looking out of his old dorm window, pointed out the window of Matron’s room on the top floor of School House.
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