Lynxes v.The School

School 172 all out, Lynxes 176 -6
Lynxes win

School Innings
Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
Kain Run Out 3
Daley Bowled Reynolds 12
Towner Ct Pickerill 68
Bateman Ct Pickerill 15
Jackson Bowled Reynolds 12
C-B Bowled Marriot 8
McKen-Long St Fullwood Marriot 0
McKenzie Bowled Marriot 7
Denny St Fullwood Marriot 3
Wenman Not Out 9
Pinnegar Bowled Pickerill 0

Extras 35
Total 172

Bowler Overs Mdns Wkts Runs
Reynolds 9 1 2 29
Pickerill 15 2 3 41
Hoggard 6 2 0 25
Marriot 12 0 4 38
Fick 2 0 0 9
Reuter 3 0 0 11

Lynxes Innings
Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
Spencer Bowled Towner 22
Fick Ct Wenman 13
Sparkes Bowled Pinnegar 1
Fullwood Ct Towner 13
Hoggard Ct Jackson 17
Burgess Not Out 69
Reuter Bowled Jackson 1
Marriot Not Out 14

Extras 26
Total 176

Bowler Overs Mdns Wkts Runs
Wenman 9 0 1 54
Pinnegar 3 0 1 28
Towner 7 2 2 32
Daley 3 0 0 20
Jackson 8 1 2 29
C-B 1 0 0 11

Lynxes v. Sissinghurst
no report

Lynxes v. Bully Boys
Lynxes 256 - 4, Bully Boys 198 - 7
Match Drawn
Cranbrook vs Bully boys was a splendid game of Cricket...

On a lovely summers day the OCs captain Tim Piper, having won the toss, chose to bat first. Tim and Miles Richards started slowly as the Bully’s fast bowlers made full use of a sporting wicket. After the loss of Miles, Tim was joined by Max Taylor, who proceeded to tame both the wicket and the opposition bowlers, hitting a number of handsome blows predominantly straight down the ground.

The partnership of over 200 was finally separated when Tim was out for 81. Max went on to reach 3 figures, leading the Lynxes to an impressive score of 256-4 declared. The Bully Boys started well and were well in front of the required rate before a regular fall of wickets meant that they were left with a choice…twist or bust.

Unfortunately the 'boys choose to do neither and proceeded to bat out the final 20 overs as though their lives depended on it. One of the Bully’s middle order batsmen, deciding to bat out for the draw with over 20 overs left, eventually managed to crawl to 50. At the end of the 2nd innings the Bully Boys were left stranded in 198-7 with the OCs unable to take the final 3 wickets that they deserved, with the game ending in a draw.

Tim Piper
Lynxes Innings
Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
M Richards Ct Morrison Stevenson 19
T Piper Ct Metcalf 81
M Taylor Ct & B Morrison 114
G Marshall Not Out 14
W Goulstone LBW Crawley 1
A King Not Out 8

Extras 14
Total 256

Bowler Overs Mdns Wkts Runs
Crawley 14 3 1 56
Stevenson 8 0 1 24
Root 4 0 0 17
Metcalf 11 0 1 61
Morrison 12 2 1 49
Marshall, J. 7 0 0 47

Bully Boys Innings
Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
P Newman Ct Richards Spelling 22
R Paulty Ct Mullins Spelling 0
C Morrison Bowled Allen 16
R Thomas Ct Goulstone Marshall G 15
G Daly Not Out 69
J Mullard Run Out 6
Root St Mullins Marshall G 16
J Stevenson Ct Allen Goulstone 21
N Metcalf Not Out 4
N Crawley
J Marshall

Extras 15
Total 198

Bowler Overs Mdns Wkts Runs
Goulstone 6 1 1 28
Spelling 8 1 2 32
Allen 7 3 1 12
Marshall G 9 2 2 25
Tragett 8 1 0 30
Unknown 5 0 0 18
Richards 4 0 0 ?
Lynxes v. Fleet Street Exiles
no report
Lynxes v. Bluemantles
no report
Lynxes v. Old Georgians
Lynxes 288 for 7 dec (56 overs), Old Georgians 250 for 8 (55 overs)
Match Drawn

Having been well beaten by Old Georgians in the first four meetings between the two sides, Lynxes are now unbeaten in this particular fixture for the last three years. I'd like to think that this reversal in fortunes was down to our own improvements as a team, but I can't help thinking that it also coincided with the year that Rich Aspinall (OGs captain) decided to hang up his bowling boots because of a bad back.

Whatever the reason, this fixture has become a pretty close affair in recent years and often seems to produce some of the best cricket of the week. On a partly sunny morning with the forecast of rain in the afternoon, Jez Lawson's decision to bat was greeted with predictable carping from the massed OGs ranks, many of whom had come a long way and were now faced with the reward of spending half a day in the field and the rest of it in the pavilion. Most glum of all was Andy Robson, son of Sir Bobby, who had driven all the way from Newcastle the previous evening. Like his old man, though, he isn't down for long and he was soon donning the keeper's gauntlets.

Peter Newman and Colin Barrett got Lynxes off to a flyer, racking up 22 without loss in the first two and a half overs, before Barrett edged one to slip and was out for 7. Gary Marshall and Newman then added 52, but the latter was caught behind by Robbo, much to everyone's surprise since he had fumbled everything else. James Barron predictably shouldered arms every 4th delivery, much to the amusement of his "friends" who were counting from the boundary edge. Indeed, he was out LBW for 2 not playing a shot, but he did make his dismissal look majestic, as always.

At 86 for 3 and the game in the balance once more, in strode Tasmanian Under-19s representative, Chris Morrison. I'm not sure if there is a Cranbrook Lynxes constitution anywhere in the bowels of the Big Side pavilion, but if there is I would be interested to read the section entitled "Player Eligibility". I'd be surprised if the description read as follows: "…a player is eligible to play for the Cranbrook Lynxes if he is a former/present pupil or teacher…or if he is an Aussie currently staying at James Thompson's cousin's gaff while taking a well-earned break from coaching cricket in Switzerland". As the ball started to speed to all parts of the ground off Chris's bat, Lawson decided to adopt the Arsene Wenger approach to answering difficult questions. Whenever eligibility was raised by one of the OGs players, the response was invariably, "I don't know. I didn't see the incident from where I was."

With Marshall playing his usual cultured innings at the other end and both players riding their luck to good effect, the scoreboard showed 245 for 3 at around 3:20pm. Morrison missed a straight one and was bowled for a memorable 78 and then poor Tom Cullen, centurion in this same fixture last year, was caught for 0 having waited two and a half hours for a chance to bat. Lawson joined Marshall at the crease for the final push and Gary was unfortunately out just four runs shy of his hundred. Even more unfortunately, that meant he was just one run shy of winning the batting cup for the third time since it was introduced in 2000, his aggregate for the week just failing to overhaul Max Taylor's 114 in the game against Bully Boys.

Giles May came in and carved an immediate four which made everyone from his era reminisce about his axeman qualities in the early 90s. After being bowled for 6, it was left to James Harfoot (5 not out) and Lawson (18 not out) to conclude the innings at a highly respectable 288 for 7 declared off just 56 overs.

Despite posting a hefty total, it is never wise to be complacent against the Old Georgians, particularly when your bowling attack is to be spearheaded by Tom Cullen and Chris Hoggard. The two of them were like kids on Christmas Eve when told of their new-found responsibilities, but to be fair to them, they gave very few gifts away to the OGs openers. After 20 overs the score was 110 for 4, with Anthonisz (1 for 14) and The Tasmanian Devil (1 for 37) both bowling tidy spells. OGs seemed to shut up shop very early and showed no signs of going after the total.

May and Barrett were introduced to the attack to try to manufacture a tight finish, but despite May being hit out of the attack after two dreadful overs, Barrett seemed to find some rhythm and ended up taking 2 for 25. Unfortunately for Colin, the adrenaline was obviously pumping too quickly, because a volley of unintentional beamers followed, concluding in him being ordered out of the attack by the umpire. The ensuing scenes were reminiscent of the finger-jabbing episode between Mike Gatting and Shakoor Rana in 1987, with Barrett eventually sent to deep square leg to cool off while Marshall finished off his over.

The only real threat of losing was eliminated when Hoggard (1 for 50) returned to claim the prize scalp of Gareth Notton, who made a solid 92. That was the 8th wicket to fall, but neither Hoggard nor the returning Cullen could finish off the tail, which featured the usual obduracy from captain Aspinall. Cullen did finish with 3 wickets, however, which was good enough to take the Bowling Cup in a year when the absence of Thompson, Blaydon and Chuter meant that any number of jokers could have pinched that particular honour. Thank goodness it wasn't Barrett, who is now being lined up for a new TV series, "When Old Cranbrookians See Red".

Jez Lawson

Lynxes Innings
Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
P Newman Ct Robson Burgess 29
C Barrett Ct Burgess MacIntyre 7
G Marshall Ct Habib 96
J Barron LBW Wensley 2
C Morrison Bowled Habib 78
T Cullen Ct Habib 0
J Lawson Not Out 18
G May Bowled Willis 6
J Harfoot Not Out 5
C Hoggard
S Anthowicz

Extras 43
Total 288

Bowler Overs Mdns Wkts Runs
MacIntyre 6 0 1 50
Notton 12 2 0 50
Burgess 16 2 1 52
Wensley 11 2 1 43
Willis 8 0 1 56
Habib 3 0 3 14

Old Georgians Innings
Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
Wensley Ct Harfoot Cullen 46
Willis A LBW Cullen 12
Beckett Ct Newman Anthowicz 35
Habib Ct Barron Morrison 11
Notton Ct Marshall Hoggard 92
MacIntyre Bowled Barrett 10
Burgess Bowled Barrett 3
Aspinall Not Out 15
? Bowled Cullen 3
Willis S Not Out 0

Extras 17
Total 233

Bowler Overs Mdns Wkts Runs
Hoggard 13 1 1 50
Cullen 12 1 3 66
Anthowicz 8 1 1 14
Morrison 2 0 1 4
May 2 0 0 20
Barrett 4.4 0 2 25
Marshall 0.2

Jez Lawson
Lynxes v. Scorpians

(12 a side, 35 overs game)
Scorpions 203 for 8, Lynxes 169 for 7
Lynxes lost by 44 runs

Following a lovely lunch time barbeque the game began with a throwback to halcyon Lynxes days with John Taylor opening the bowling and doing it very well. Simon Antonitz also opened and bowled well without any luck.

John took the first wicket and bowled 6 overs, and was then followed at the Windmill end by Richard Fisher who took two wickets with his masterful handling of reverse swing. I should add that whilst at school Richard took Chris Tavare's (ex Kent and England and Sevenoaks School) wicket in three consecutive years for single figures and bowled very well against a strong Scorpions side.

Matthew Richards made his Lynxes debut, at the age of 11 and took two wickets showing a steady line and length. The Lynxes fielding was found wanting as the average age of the Lynxes was 52 and in the 35 overs Scorpions made a healthy 203. The Lynxes reply got off to a good start with Jeremy Lawson and John Furminger opening the batting. However with wickets falling steadily the Lynxes got behind the clock and required 12 runs an over for the last 5 - falling 40 runs short.

The innings was not without its funnier moments when a hatrick was taken by Hodgson snr and included Mullins, Taylor and Fisher the latter two both first ball on their return to the Lynxes side. Tim Barlow sadly failed a late fitness test and scored for the day.

We adjourned to the Bull at Sissinghurst to discuss the day and it was agreed we all enjoyed it, with the President and Sophia coming along and many of the visitors as well.

Tim Spelling

Scorpians Innings
Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
Hodgson T LBW Taylor 14
Hodgson M Ct Mullins Fisher 38
Grainger N St Mullins Richards 49
Cane-Hardy Ct Root Richards 41
Glover LBW Root 9
Wesson Not Out 12
Waller Bowled Root 20
Wheeler M Not Out 10
Wheeler N

Extras 13
Total 206

Bowler Overs Mdns Wkts Runs
Athowicz 7 1 0 19
Taylor 6 1 1 37
Fisher 7 0 1 54
Spelling 4 0 0 23
Richards, Matthew 4 1 2 21
Root 4 0 0 14
Marshall G 2 0 0 21

Lynxes Innings
Batsman How Out Bowler Runs
Lawson Bowled Waller 25
Furminger J Bowled Hodgson 57
Richards M Ct Hodgson T Cane-Hardy 28
Marshall G Ct Wheeler M Hodgson 3
Mullins T Ct Cane-Hardy Hodgson 0
Taylor J Ct Hodgson T Hodgson 0
Fisher R Ct Addo Hodgson 0
Root T Ct Ollennau ? 9
Richards, Matthew Not Out 4
Spelling Not Out 9

Extras 23
Total 155

Bowler Overs Mdns Wkts Runs
Ollennau 5 1 0 13
Addo 4 0 0 30
Waller 7 0 1 20
Wheeler M 2 0 0 15
Beer 6 0 0 37
Cane-Hardy 5 1 2 17
Hodgson M 3 2 5 2
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