Andrew Isbister (Rammell 1976)
I spent several happy summers in the mid-1970s involved with the Lynxes cricket week and, as with all such memories, the sun always shone or perhaps when it didn’t I was buried too deeply in “The Windmill” to notice. Playing Lynxes cricket provided a transition from school sport to the wider world of the “grown up adult game”. It allowed for a mixing of ages, experience and ability, which is so important in a young man’s development. It gave me a chance to play with people who I had looked up to at school as being “untouchable heroes”.

I remember the standard of the cricket being good, even if I do not remember contributing greatly to that, but it was always enjoyable and fun. I recall a lot of characters being involved, who added great colour to the week. Lynxes cricket week was always richly punctuated by free-flowing alcohol and I cannot forget the evenings of “Moscow Mules” or “Barley wine and Bitter” or even waking up early one morning in a Cranbrook front garden.

The Windmill features highly in my recollections with its proximity to the “sporting action”, with many hours spent in occupation, at all times of day. My time with the Lynxes was relatively short as the demands of medicine, personal life etc soon competed for my attention but I am incredibly grateful to everybody who gave me the opportunity to be involved, however briefly.
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