2011 Rich Scully

It's Monday the 27th June, 2011. Those that were not so fortunate had the last exam on the schedule, Physics A-level, on Monday morning, 9.00am. The rest of the year group had all been out celebrating since the Friday before, or even earlier, and certainly looked to continue on this night as the whole school year group were going to have finished exams.

Such an innocent and exquisite feeling at that age. Some people with exact career ambitions, a plan, and determination to execute it. Some who had not even pondered for 'what's next' and just wanted to finish school before embracing their next chapter. Some who just wanted to cover themselves in facepaint, swap hoodies with their peers and dance the night away.

Like most years, certain groups would all rustle together and make their own plans, however on the evening of this day, I have great memory in the vast majority of my year all descending onto the ball field for some drinks together, bringing laughter, relief, signing yearbooks and commemorating with each other, close friends or not, for the 5 or 2 year journey that we had all shared together.

We were all 18 years old. Young, foolish and happy. Some of us weren't sure even what a mortgage meant, let alone trying our skills in building 'a human house' (warning, do not retry, injuries).

Looking back 10 years on, thinking as to how far our year group has come. Such variety of intelligent, talented, brave and creative individuals. Once with such fresh and innocent faces, with the world at their feet, daunting, now navigating the working world, conquering the challenges and obstacles that mid and later 20s life stereotypically seems to impose. Disclaimer - sorry to older peers reading this, I am not saying it doesn't get a little tougher or easier. You only know at whatever age what you're supposed to know.

For me, this photo below says a thousand words, springboards onto many other memories, all much better than my writing skills here (Mr Ferguson always said maths was my strength). Nevertheless, that day is a key OC memory for me, where true forgeries of friendships are made, relationships young and old are now stopped or continued, school enemies now fellow compatriots. Young pupils turned Old Cranbrookian peers. The day of becoming an OC.

And being an OC I believe is special, because now we all share this commonality, whatever the circumstances.

Monday 27th June 2011. A great memory.
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