1983 Nicola Dean
1978–1983 Webster
My overriding memories are happy ones – I held the long jump record for a while and still have the cup I was awarded.

However, my clearest recollection was an incident which occurred when I dared to walk across the grass outside the Gym because I was late for a class. Unfortunately, I was caught in the act by PR Allen who was a tartar, and enough to put the fear of God into anyone, particularly a 3rd year as I think I was at the time! Not only that, but I was a reticent little goody two shoes who would not say boo to a goose. PRA tore me off a strip and the fearsome penalty for this transgression was a 1,000 word essay on why I should not walk across the grass, especially when there were clear signs forbidding it.

As you can imagine I was absolutely mortifed, and consequently I put my heart and soul into that essay, and turned it in a full day before he had asked for it. Even now, after all these years, when I think of that formative lesson, it induces a wry smile and a slight sense of anxiety. But I am sure he never gave the matter another thought, and he certainly never mentioned my wonderfully coherent prose which I had slaved over.

Thankfully, I can now break the rules whenever I wish, but you can be sure I make sure no one is watching when I do!!
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