The Racqueteers C.C.
The Racqueteers were formed at the Tennis & Racquet Club and the idea was to play any sport as long as alcohol was provided. Old Cranbrookian, A.E.S. Bond, suggested we take a side to play the Lynxes in 1964. We won thanks to R.M.O Cooke making 160 runs. Henry Wybourn organised another fixture against his XI at Horsmonden. Both Henry & Jack Edwards were exceedingly kind to us in arranging fixtures. We went on to play Knockholt on the Friday.

On the evening of the first fixture a Wrestling Match took place at the Windmill between Henry Wybourn and Toni Bianchi. They were cooled in their corners by jugs of Ale. Henry was disqualified for vomiting in his corner. This was all encouraged by Lindsey Leigh. I remember also wheelbarrows of Pimm’s being brought to the pavilion from the Windmill. We used to warm up with White Shield Worthingtons, and later enjoy Moscow Mules at the Peacock, the Harvey Smith and the Gun.

We stayed at the School for the first two years, but sadly David Barker found the plumbing and hoses were fired from the Dormitory into the street, which Kendal-Carpenter rightly objected to. We stayed for many years at the Globe & Rainbow with Molly Webb. Some cars took a battering during our visit to Kent, but there were no write-offs. Only one person had sex on tour. He went home for the night.

We enjoyed our battles with Messrs Winterbottom, Todman, Wybourn, Prall, Thompson, Jenner, Taylor, Barham, Barlow, Richards, King, Marshall (the batter) and Spelling. I was on the same side as Tony Todman for the Harlequins in South Africa (in the back row)in 1966, All great memories.

We lasted for 25 years in the fixture as our Cricket was probably not that sharp as most of us were in our late 40s or 50s and our youngsters were hard to control. Anyway, we were presented with a Gold Loo Seat for our 25 Years. Tourists included Bob Cooke (Cheshire & Essex), Geoff Dymock (Australia), Charlie Reynolds (Sheffield Shield), Alan Mumford (Cheshire), Tim Holloway( Cheshire) and Alex Cunningham (Berkshire). Martin Edwards, the owner of Manchester United came on tour. Happy Days!

Peter Ross, aka Rossy
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