The highlight of this, the 68 th year of the Club, was the number of recent leavers who came back to Bigside to enjoy Lynxes cricket.

On July 1 st the School XI was once again too strong for the OC team, which had been raised by Owen Dearn. Finn Hulbert made 74 and Alfie Lloyd-Dyke supported him well with 46 before the School bowled out the Lynxes for 162 runs. The School went past this total for the loss of 6 wickets with Oliver Bond and Charles Russell-Vick both scoring 50s.

On the opening Sunday of “the week”, instead of a repeat of last year’s 6-a-side games, an Under 30 side played an Over 30 side, with the former winning by the tightest of margins as the sun came out.

All the remaining matches were played under clear blue skies. Each day Bigside was prepared to perfection by Steven Hooper and excellent BBQ lunches were supplied by Graeme Edmonds and his staff. Gary Marshall (Lynxes President) forgot about his knee problems to play on the Tuesday as well as ensuring that all players and visitors were able to enjoy drinks from the pavilion during and after the games.

Three other matches were played (all with limited overs format) without the Lynxes securing a win. The Bully Boys (a cover name for 10 OCs and Alex Presnell) scored 298 in flamboyant style with Alfie Lloyd-Dyke making a classy 120 runs. The Lynxes put up a brave challenge, with guest Jo Banks of Skinners School scoring 108 of the final total of 236 runs. The Lynxes’ score of 121 was never enough against The Fleet Street Exiles although their front 5 wickets were taken for a little over 50 runs. In the last match Old Cranbrookian Nick Pink brought his Pink Panthers to play against the Lynxes in a “double T20 match”. After the Lynxes Captain, Max O’Collins led from the front in scoring 47 of their 1 st innings total of 138, the Pink Panthers then put together two innings of 170 and 128, leaving the Lynxes to aim for 161 runs to notch up a win. Nick Manser opened the charge with an exciting 54 and it was left to Max O’Collins to try for a boundary off the last ball of the day to bring the game to a tie. Unfortunately, his attempted “Dilshan scoop” did not make contact but it had been a very enjoyable game for all concerned. Finn Hulbert will again have his name on the Andrew Bond Cup for batting and Dave Lewis well deserved his award of the David Winterbottom Bowling Cup.

Simon Anthonisz (R 1970), James Barron (CR 1991), Joe Clark (A 2014), Patrick Coyne (2007), Owen Dearn (W 2012), Ben Fasey, George Gibbons (R 2012), Doug Gordon (SL 2011), Matt Hall (C 1987), Will Huish (W 2011), Finn Hulbert (SL 2014), Josh Humphreys (R 2014), Jeff Jowers (C 1987), Jeremy Lawson (A 1990), Tony Lawson (A 1990), Dave Lewis (R 2011), Alfie Lloyd-Dyke (SL 2013), Nick Manser (R 2011), Gary Marshall (H 1977), Sam Martin (H 1996), Clem O’Collins, Josh O’Collins, Max O’Collins (W 2009), Freddie Petch (H 2012), Nick Pink (C 1995), Ned Powell (W 2012), Toby Russell-Vick (A 2014), Joe Schindler (A 2012), Matt Simpson (A 2014), Sam Stibbs (A 2012), Chris Taylor, Will Tomalin (A 2011) Ben Tragett (CS 1993), Stuart Underwood (C 11), Nick Welchman, Rob Wickham (A 2012), Hugo Youngman (A 1983) all played in “the week”.

Several other “friends of Cranbrook” helped to make up the teams. We hope all those who supported the Club this summer will return next year to enjoy friendly but competitive cricket in the second week of July.

Jeremy Barham (C 1960)

Officers and Committee

Past President Jeremy Barham (C 1960)

President Gary Marshall (H 1977)

Chairman Nick Pink (C 1995)

Treasurer Charles Thompson (W 1994)

Match Secretary Tom Allen (W 1986)

Committee Patrick Coyne (2007), Owen Dearn (W 2012), Jeremy Lawson (A1990), Oliver Morkel (A 2005), Paul Morkel (A 2004), Max O’Collins, (W 2009), Joe Schindler (A 2012)

Website Colin Barrett (C 1990)


Wednesday July 1 st - Lynxes v School
Match Manager: Owen Dearn

Lynxes 162 (Finn Hulbert 74, Alfie Lloyd-Dyke 46)

Joss Honey 3 for 20, Guy Schindler 3 for 37

School 171 for 6 (Oliver Bond 55, Charles Russell-Vick 50)

Rob Wickham 3 for 13, Dave Lewis 1 for 27

Lynxes lost by 4 wickets

Sunday July 5 th – Lynxes Under 30 v Lynxes Over 30
Match Manager: Jeremy Lawson

Lynxes Under 30 139 for 7 (Freddie Petch 27 not out, Joe Schindler 25)

Gary Marshall 3 for 21, Jo Banks 2 for 14

Lynxes Over 30 138 for 6 (Chris Taylor 40, Nick Pinks 35)

Owen Dearn 2 for 15, Clem O’Collins 2 for 28

Lynxes Under 30 won by 1 run

Tuesday July 7 th - Lynxes v Bully Boys
Match Manager: Gary Marshall

Bully Boys 298 for 7 (Alfie Lloyd-Dyke 120, Sam Stibbs 60, Joe Schindler 46)

Ned Powell 2 for 35, Ben Tragett 2 for 35, Jo Banks 2 for 43

Lynxes 236 (Jo Banks 108, Jack Marshall 26, Ben Fasey 25)

Lynxes lost by 62 runs

Wednesday July 8 th – Lynxes v Fleet Street Exiles
Match Manager: James Barron

Lynxes 121 (Alfie Lloyd-Dyke 28, Finn Hulbert 19)

Fleet Street Exiles 128 for 5

Reuben Collingwood 4 for 29

Lynxes lost by 5 wickets

Thursday July 9 th – Pink Panthers
Match Manager: Max O’Collins

Lynxes 138 (Max O’Collins 47 Nick Manser 27)


156 (Nick Manser 54, Charles Russell-Vick 21, Max O’Collins 21 not out)

Pink Panthers 170 (Matt Simpson 68)

Dave Lewis 3 for 20, Owen Dearn 2 for 26

And 128

Dave Lewis 3 for 22, Max O’Collins 2 for 32

Lynxes lost by 4 runs
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