John Lintott (Cornwallis 1969)
The draw of Lynxes week for me, as I imagine for many, was Big Side and the Windmill. The former is a special ground. It is very open. It has a feel of its own. In my case, the week was in part a return to the memories of the legendary Frank Evans era as it drew to a close. Rather like the smell of linseed oil and sawdust in those old wooden pavilions...not that Joe smelt of linseed!

Also there was the striking Derek Hickmott, with that flashing smile of his, as he drove thatmassive Ransomes round and round the outfield. He produced very good strips. He diedtragically young. Oddly, the square ran East West which is not the preferred orientation.

Who were the comrades in arms? Flickering memories. The West Indies had the 3 W’s but we had Winterbottom and Wybourn, the Derek Shackletons of the club scarcely bowling a half volley until late in the week. I also remember Andy Bond’s Racqueteers, spiced with a few stars. Geoff Dymock the Aussie quickie came one year. I walked out determined to make a few whatever his reputation. His fourth ball, with my front foot well forward, rapped the pad and was going down the off, A half hearted appeal. The umpire was not going to take
issue with a Test player and up went the finger. I remember too the Scorpions a youthful team, with many friends from Sussex run by the effervescent Nigel Wheeler.The Windmill was a great retreat at the end of play to sooth the furrowed brow or savour aday when things went well. At the 25 th. Anniversary Dinner at the Willesley in 1972 Frank “Joe” Evans made a remarkable speech, weaving everyone present into his stories. The next Dinner 25 years later at School was a very good do too, an opportunity to catch up with

Happy memories of the early 1970s before I left Sussex for North Norfolk.
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