For the third year the Lynxes week was held immediately after the end of the summer term. The game against the School took place on the previous Sunday and what a shock we were given as the boys responded brilliantly to Alex Presnell’s very specific tactical advice. The fine weather allowed all games to be completed although sadly the Old Georgians could not raise a side for the Friday fixture.

The ground (thanks to the excellent work of Steven Hooper) was in great condition and the wicket is on its way back after the remedial treatment carried out in 2008. Our organisation was pretty good too. Lunches and teas were excellent thanks to Graeme Edmonds, Phil and other school catering staff.

There were so many good aspects to the week. Including the game against the school a total of five matches were played (all with 50 overs a side format) with wins against the Bully Boys, Fleet Street Exiles and the Kensington and Chelsea Strays. The matches against the School and the Scorpions were lost.

The most pleasing point was the number of Cranbrookians who agreed to play during the week, forty three in total including six of the 2008 School 1st XI. These were:

Hugh Alderwick (2008), Tom Allen (W 1986), Mike Askem (W 2000), Oli Blaydon (CS 1996), Will Chuter (W 1996), David Corfield (A 1998), Patrick Coyne ( ), Tom Cullen (W 2004), Toby Cunliffe ( ), Mike Daley (2007), James Denny (2008),
Adam Fullwood (A 2004), John Furminger (Staff), Matt Hall (C 1987), Will Huish (School), Jeff Jowers (C 1987), Nick Manser (School), Ed Marley (CS 1987), Gary Marshall (H 1977), John Marshall (H 1978), J Martin, Sam Martin ( ), Oliver Morkel (A 2005), Paul Morkel (A 2004), Toby Mullins (R 1979), Peter Newman (1973), Max O’Collins (School), Nick Pink (C 1995), Ross Pinnegar (2007), Alex Presnell (Staff), Joseph Schindler (School), Charlie Sorensen (CS 2002), Charlie Thompson (W 1994), Philip Thompson (H 1963), Ed Towner (2007), Toby Walker (School), Gregor Watson (H 1983), Matt Young (C 1996), Hugo Youngman (A 1983)

James Barron (CR 91), Richard Iveson (08), Giles May (C 1991) and James Thompson (A 2001) were due to play in the Old Georgians’ match. Several other O.C’s played against us and our guest players included Jack Marshall (Gary’s son).

We hope all those who supported the Club this summer enjoyed their cricket which, as usual, was played in a friendly but competitive manner.

See the website www.lynxescc.co.uk and facebook group Lynxes Cricket Week for further information regarding Lynxes Cricket in 2010.

Jeremy Barham

Key points from the Lynxes AGM and review of the 2009 Week

Bigside - the remedial work on the square (removal of thatch and relaying of the loam surface) was initiated in 2008 as planned. Further work will be done this autumn. Portable sightscreens are on our “wish list” but the School will have to find funds from a limited budget for sports facilities.

School links – It is not known if the School will have a Master i/c Cricket 2010 or whether the triumvirate of Alex Presnell, Nick Martin and another will continue. A School Development Officer will be appointed in October. The role will include liaison with Old Cranbrookians.

Lynxes Cups –Hugh Alderwick was awarded the Andrew Bond Cup for his 108 against the Bully Boys and Gary Marshall the David Winterbottom Cup for taking 7 wickets during the week.

Lynxes funds - current funds are at a satisfactory level and the week ran at a profit. Current school players continued to play without having to pay match fees.

Fixtures 2010 - The Lynxes entry into BM Cricket World Trophy knock-out competition for Old Boys’ teams will be reviewed by the Committee. This is only valid if a quality squad is prepared to play up to 4 rounds. The Match Managers are expected to be the same as 2009.

All matches will probably be played on 50 overs per side basis with one break for a BBQ lunch.

Database and communications - the database is continually being updated but it is critical that all OC’s advise any change of e mail address and mobile number.

The membership of the facebook group Lynxes Cricket Week is growing well.

Colin Barrett and John Taylor, respectively, have kindly agreed to maintain the Lynxes website and the record of players’ averages.

Officers of the Club - the following have agreed to act as officers of the Club in 2010.

President. Jeremy Barham.
Chairman. Tim Spelling
Treasurer Charles Thompson
Match Secretary Tom Allen
Committee Jeremy Lawson
Will Chuter
Gary Marshall
Oliver Morkel
Nick Pink

Sunday July 5 th - Lynxes v School (50 overs per side)

A wonderful sunny day on Bigside with wickets tumbling.

The School started well with Bertie Berger (23) and Stuart Underwood (22) building the score to 73 for 2. Ed Towner and Paul Morkel then caused a dramatic collapse to 75 for 7, aided by smart fielding - not least from the Lynxes Captain Gary Marshall. Gary loosened the reins and Ben Hunter hit a belligerent 41 before the School were dismissed for 137 in under 40 overs. Ed (3 for 5), Paul (2 for 20) were well supported by 6 other bowlers.

The Lynxes start may have been one of the worst in the Club's history. Bertie Berger and Joseph Schindler bowled fast and straight to produce a scoreline at one time of 8 runs for 7 wickets ! Paul Coyne brought some stability but the 9 th wicket went down for 49. John Marshall (35) and Ross Pinnegar (16 *) then nearly doubled the score but the School deservedly won by 41 runs. Joseph (3 for5) and Stuart Underwood (2 for 9), Ben Hunter (1 for 6) shone.

Match Manager: Gary Marshall


Toby Walker lbw Marshall J 7
Laurence March lbw Coyne 12
Bertie Berger ct Coyne Morkel P 13
Stuart Underwood ct Askem Morkel P 22
Max O’Collins ct Marshall G Towner 1
Joseph Schindler bowled Towner 0
Will Tomalin ct and bowled Towner 4
Richard Smith ct Marshall J Sorensen 6
Tom Alderwick lbw Marshall G 9
Ben Hunter ct Sorensen Martin 41
Owen Dearn not out 4
Extras 18

Total 137

Ross Pinnegar 6 – 3 – 11 – 0
Patrick Coyne 7 – 1 – 18 – 1
John Marshall 5 – 1 - 18 – 1
Paul Morkel 6 – 2 – 20 – 2
Ed Towner 3 – 1 – 5 - 3
Charlie Sorensen 3 – 0 – 8 - 1
Sam Martin 3.5 – 0 – 16 - 1
Gary Marshall 6 – 0 - 22 - 1


James Denny bowled Schindler 1
Ed Towner bowled Berger 0
Mike Askem bowled Berger 1
Gary Marshall lbw Berger 0
Oliver Morkel lbw Schindler 1
Charlie Sorensen lbw Underwood 4
Sam Martin bowled Dearn 21
Paul Morkel ct and bowled Underwood 0
Patrick Coyne lbw Berger 10
John Marshall bowled Hunter 35
Ross Pinnegar not out 16
Extras 7

Total 96

Bertie Berger 9 – 1 – 17 - 4
Joseph Schindler 11 – 7 – 5 – 2
Stuart Underwood 9 – 3 – 9 – 2
Will Tomalin 5 – 2 – 8 – 0
Owen Dearn 6 – 1 – 28 - 1
Ben Hunter 4.1 – 1 – 6 - 1

Lynxes lost by 41 runs

Sunday July 12 th - Lynxes v Scorpions

No report
Match Manager: Gary Marshall


Nick Pink 0
John Furminger 16
Mike Daley 15
Gary Marshall 30
Hugo Youngman 7
Toby Mullins 28
Gregor Watson 0
Alex Presnell 0
Patrick Coyne 19
Philip Thompson 2
Jack Marshall 1 not out
Extras 12

Total 130

Scorpions - 131 for 8

Mike Daley 9 – 0 – 48 – 4
Alex Presnell 9 – 3 – 28 – 2
Patrick Coyne 5.3 – 1 – 22 – 0
Gary Marshall 4 – 0 – 22 – 0
Jack Marshall 2 – 0 – 3 – 0
Toby Mullins 3 – 0 – 5 - 2

Lynxes lost by 2 wickets

Tuesday July 14 th - Lynxes v Bully Boys

On a beautiful Tuesday morning, the Lynxes congregated at Big Side, with a relatively young side. The Bully Boys, it seemed, had an equally youthful look to their team, and it made for a tough contest.

The vital toss was won by the Lynxes, and the decision to bat couldn’t have been made quicker. Alderwick and Manser started off proceedings for the home side, and got off to a quick start with some well struck boundaries from Manser, who was looking comfortable against the Bully Boys’ medium pace openers. However, it was Manser to fall first, with Alderwick still looking a little shaky from the previous night’s antics. The veteran Gary Marshall, playing against his oldest enemy, his brother, was next to the crease. With a batting record that Sir Don Bradman would be proud of, the Lynxes were surprised to see him fall to a well bowled slower ball by Coyne, striking him on the boot in front of all three.

A mini crisis needed to be averted so as not to repeat the collapse of the School Game the previous week. Luckily Daley came out to bat, with Alderwick starting to see the ball better. With Bully Boys’ bowler Thomas testing Daley with some short pitch bowling, Daley decided to stop messing around and hit him for a succession of boundaries including a glorious 6 over mid-wicket. Once again, the Lynxes seemed to be getting on top, before Daley then fell to a Coyne long-hop for 20, bringing Fullwood out to bat.

Fullwood played his natural game, and seemed to inspire Alderwick, who began to kick start into action with a glorious cover drive for 4, which really marked the start of a special innings. A good partnership grew between the batsmen, who were scoring comfortably and freely, before Fullwood fell to a good ball for 31. The Lynxes still had plenty of time, and a solid platform at this stage as Morkel came out to bat against some eratic, yet dangerous spin bowling.

After Morkel fell to a somewhat questionable umpiring decision for 10 young batsmen Schindler was next to the breach, and struck a fine half century in quick time, whilst Alderwick had surpassed this milestone long before and moved on to make a fantastic and crucial century, with the second 50 being scored in double quick time. Alderwick departed for a fine 108, including a number of glorious cover drives, pulls and glances. Huish was next to the crease an increased the score by 11 and then Chuter came out to replace the centurion after his wonderful innings finally came to an end, with a cameo appearance before the Bully Boys finished their 50 overs, leaving Schindler on 58no, and Chuter failing to score off the very few balls he faced. 267 -7 was the score, meaning the Bully Boys had a hard 50 overs ahead of them.

The second innings was opened up by Chuter from the far end, and Bladon from the pavilion end. Chuter began well with fast accurate pace bowling carrying through on what was a questionable, yet normal, big side wicket. Bladon started a little slower, and found it hard to find his rhythm after picking up a slight leg injury. Assuring the captain that he was able to continue he did so, bowling a number of testing deliveries, yet not quite finding the consistency he desired. After 4 overs from the pavilion end, the youthful Schindler was brought on.

Once again, the Lynxes couldn’t gain much momentum in the innings, with too many loose deliveries not allowing pressure to be built. However, it was Chuter’s persistence that paid off, after a number of chances went over the heads of Lynxes fielders, and a break through was made. Chuter finished his 10 over spell with figures of 10 – 3 – 24 – 1, reflecting how tight he bowled at just 2.4 an over, yet Lynxes and Chuter felt unlucky that the spell hadn’t brought more in the wickets column.

Huish came on for Schindler, and Daley for Chuter.

Huish started a little erratically, but found his feet after an over or so, and delivered some unplayable swinging deliveries to the Bully Boys’ batsmen. Sorensen for the Bully Boys was looking comfortable on about 30, and was the anchor of the innings when his team mates began to fall around him. 1 wicket for Huish and 2 from Daley, who bowled extremely well in his 7 over spell, including a brilliant slower ball to bring him his second wicket, meant that the Lynxes were finally breaking down the Bully boys’ batting order.

The class of Gary Marshall that we have all experienced over the years with the bat was absent on this day, meaning that the law of averages said that he had to perform with the ball, and he didn’t disappoint. 3 wickets in short time meant that the Lynxes were truly on top now, with the exception of Sorensen who continued to bat stubbornly, and was scoring easy singles to increase his score further.

Manser and Bladon finished the game off with a wicket each, leaving the Bully Boys on 198 ao and Sorensen on a solid 82 no. A winning margin of 69 runs saw the Lynxes jubilant, and all that was left was to enjoy a sporting cold one down at the local public house!


Nick Manser 10
Hugh Alderwick 108
Gary Marshall 3
Mike Daley 20
Adam Fullwood 31
Oliver Morkel 10
Joseph Schindler 53 not out
Will Huish 11
Will Chuter 0
Oliver Blaydon did not bat
J Martin did not bat
Extras 21

Total 267 for 7

Bully Boys

198 (Charlie Sorensen 82)

Will Chuter 10 – 3 – 24 – 1
Oliver Blaydon 5 – 0 – 31 – 1
Joseph Schindler 3 – 0 – 17 – 1
Will Huish 10 – 1 – 42 – 1
Mike Daley 7 – 0 – 24 – 2
Gary Marshall 4 – 0 – 12 - 3
Nick Manser 4 – 0 – 22 – 1
Oliver Morkel 4 – 1- 16 – 0
J Martin 3 – 2 – 4 – 0

Lynxes won by 69 runs

Wednesday July 15 th – Lynxes v Fleet Street Exiles

It was another cracking Lynxes cricket match at Big Side that saw a very well spirited 50 over match against the Fleet Street Exiles end in a comfortable victory for the Old Cranbrookians.

The word Old should be used liberally here, as this must have been one of the youngest Lynxes sides in recent history. Aided at one end by the evergreen Gary Marshall, the side had three Cranbrook School lads and some imports from Seaford CC on the south coast to ensure a strong line up, and an average age in the early 20s.

Lynxes’ captain Nick Pink won the toss and decided to bat on a wet, damp wicket. It was only as he strode back into the pavilion that he and some of the Seaford players recognised P Harris, a handy fast bowler playing for Sussex Premier Division side Hastings Priory. His pace and accuracy accounted for three early wickets as Toby Walker, Max O’Collins and Gary Marshall all fell within the first 6 overs to Harris.

This slow start was recovered by some positive batting from Kyllin Vardhan (Seaford’s South African overseas player) who scored a quick 30 before falling to one too many aggressive shots. Captain Pink was joined by Peter Coplestone who after some initial lusty blows was removed leaving the Lynxes’s side 60 for 5 in a very difficult situation off just 12 overs. Pink was joined by Joseph Schindler, only 15 years of age, who batted with great maturity to ensure Seaford crept up to 100. However in the space of two overs Pink (18) and Schindler were removed leaving the home side 100 for 7 at lunch.

A healthy and hearty lunch ensured that the Fleet Street Exiles returned to the field ready for an afternoon siesta rather than in aggressive mood to take the final three wickets. Tom Cullen (42) and Matt Young (37) were keen to build a good lead for the home side, as Young was happy to rotate the strike leaving Cullen to hit the big shots as they put on a much needed 71 partnership for the 8th wicket. After their dismissals the Lynxes tail end was mopped up leaving them all out for 188.

The FSE in reply got off to a very positive start hitting the Lynxes bowlers Tim Goddard and Will Chuter (4-32) to all parts of the ground. It was at this point that the match turned on its head as Coplestone retrieved the ball from the garden of the former Windmill pub, after it was hit for a huge six. Where several others had failed, Coplestone took stock of the task ahead of him by climbing the 8 foot hedge, and falling head first the other side. He found the ball and with great athleticism jumped back over the hedge landing with a commando roll, which seemed to inspire his team mates. Chuter picked up two quick wickets and his replacement from the top end Vardhan (3-23), demonstrated great control and pace to start working through the middle order.

At the other end young Max O’Collins enjoyed an excellent spell of bowling to ensure that the Lynxes side remained on top and Gary Marshall picked up an important wicket towards the end of the match. As the game drew to an end Schindler was brought on and picked up one wicket and the returning Chuter cleared up the tail end to ensure the Lynxes side won by 53 runs.

Thanks to all involved in the game and for taking part in such a good spirited and hard fought game of cricket. Bring on next year!

Nick Pink


Toby Walker 7
Max O’Collins 3
Gary Marshall 0
K Vardhan 30
P Coplestone 14
Nick Pink 18
Joseph Schindler 9
Matt Young 37
Tom Cullen 42
T Goddard 3
Will Chuter 0 not out
Extras 25

Total 188

Fleet Street Exiles

125 all out

Will Chuter 8.1 – 2 – 36 - 3
T Goddard 6 – 2 – 20 - 0
K Vardhan 7 – 2 – 23 - 3
Tom Cullen 4 – 0 – 20 – 0
Max O’Collins 5 – 2 – 8 - 1
Joseph Schindler 5 – 2 – 13 - 1
Gary Marshall 5 – 2 – 6 - 1

Lynxes won by 63 runs

Thursday July 16 th – Lynxes v Kensington and Chelsea Strays

This was a cracking game of cricket, played in lovely conditions - Lynxes cricket at its best. K & C Strays, captained by Will Chuter, had 5 OCs in their ranks, so there was plenty of familiarity between the sides. The visitors got off to a flying start, scoring 60 from the first 7 overs without loss. A well-taken boundary catch by Mike Daley removed the dangerous Barney James and matters thereafter returned to a more sedate pace, with OC Patrick Coyne playing sensibly for his fifty. Matt Hall, one of three 1987 Crowdenites on display, earned his 3 wickets with accurate seam bowling, and the ever-dependable Gary Marshall produced a similar return with his off-breaks.

The Lynxes reply was well-paced. Peter Newman (64) and Jeff Jowers (49) ensured that the home side always remained slightly ahead of the rate, but late jitters and a flurry of wickets resulted in a nervous finish, with Lynxes creeping home with just 2 balls to spare.

Tom Allen

Kensington and Chelsea Strays – 240 for 8

Matt Hall 12 – 2 – 45 – 2
Mike Daley 3 – 0 – 28 – 0
Toby Cunliffe 10 – 1 – 55 – 2
Ed Marley 6 – 0 – 23 – 0
Gary Marshall 11 – 1 – 42 – 2
Charlie Thompson 4 – 0 – 16 – 0
Jack Marshall 4 - 0 – 18 - 0


Peter Newman 64
Charlie Thompson 17
Mike Daley 30
Jeff Jowers 49
Gary Marshall 30
Ed Marley 1
Matt Hall 11
David Corfield 8 not out
Toby Cunliffe 5 not out
Tom Allen did not bat
Jack Marshall did not bat
Extras 23

Total 241 for 7

Lynxes won by 3 wickets

Friday July 17 th – Lynxes v Old Georgians

Match cancelled due to OG’s being unable to raise an XI this year.

Jeremy Lawson
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