1976 Andreas Lewis
1970–1976 Crowden
I was a boarder at School Lodge and Crowden from 1970–1976. Perhaps it is time that makes the heart grow fonder, yet my most formative years were spent there looking up to the older boys, respecting Masters and growing in con dence in the classroom and on the sports eld, waiting to become an older boy and leave. Having left, we all scattered and pursued life with the many tools we were given at Cranbrook. Now, after many years, I have reconnected with some of those I grew up with and still treasure their friendship as if we had left school only yesterday.

At a time when things change so quickly and the roots of many are so shallow, I am grateful that Cranbrook gave me roots from which to grow. They were roots of faith, friendship, respect, education and tness. Perhaps then, it is for the love of our roots that we cherish our history?
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