We have a new OCA Chairman
Thursday 02 July 2020
After 10 years of enthusiastic service, Rob Hillier is stepping down as OCA Chairman and we are lucky to be welcoming Rich Scully, a long time committee member, into the role.

We though it appropriate to let Rich introduce himself to you in person.

Rich Scully, OC Chairman:

Thanks must go to Rob Hillier for his great work throughout the past 10 years as our OC's Chairman. There has been considerable growth in the OCA community since 2010 & numerous OC’s events organised (Lynx's 70th and Cranbrook School's 500th Anniversary are two worthy highlights!). We have Rob to thank for leading the charge on these.

It’s an honour to step up to help steer the OCA committee ship, and my reasons for doing so are quite simple. Cranbrook School did so much for me from year 9 through 13 and beyond; capturing those poignant school memories and unforgettable moments, making and maintaining the best friendships, laying out a real variety of academic foundations for anybody's future career aspirations. Like so many Old Cranbrookians, I take pride in answering the question 'where did they go to School?'.

Acting humbly as a voice of the OCA committee, it's my job to help unify all prevailing thoughts, opinions, and really to celebrate the OCA by organising regular activities, events and keeping our younger and older Cranbrookian network increasingly connected - in the UK & overseas too.

I'm thankful to the School and so now it's my turn to give back. There's lots of new developments emerging within the School and OCA platforms, including this new website and digital hub for all future activity, so I'm excited to be a part of it.'
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