John Townsend (Cornwallis 1956)
Big Side in midsummer was a wonderful place to be - with wonderful views over the town and windmill. I have fond memories indeed and it is sad to hear word of the ground now lying neglected. Mr Carter and Derek Hickmott produced great wickets under the guidance of “Joe” (F.W.L.) Evans, albeit heavily marled and showing a tinge of red. They were ideal for playing forward and driving. Early memories of fellow Lynxes include those of:

Eric Couchman (a founder Lynx I believe), who coached by Joe, showed the benefit of straight driving like a hammer.Mike Cochrane, a fine all-rounder, wearing his heavy crepe boots. Then, Chris Edwards and Dereck Penfold, in the mid 1950s – both successful players at Bromley, as was perhaps the best ever Lynxes batsman, John Bluett of Kent and Club Cricket Conference fame.

A contemporary of mine at the school, Tony Todman, who bowled big inswingers and was a most handsome driver of the ball.
And latterly, John Taylor and Mike Jenner, who kept the Lynxes afloat in difficult times, both excellent all-rounders.

I also remember Henry Wybourn wrestling half naked on the Windmill Bar – not a pretty sight.

What made the Lynxes week so special - the people, their spirit, the humour, and some excellent cricket.

And, if I am allowed a personal memory, my taking 6 wickets for 7 runs against Stoneyhurst Wanderers.
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