50 years of girls at Cranbrook
Monday 25 October 2021
Fifty years ago this September, Cranbrook School first opened its doors to girls after 450 years of educating boys. The arrival of our first girls in the 1970s was key to making Cranbrook the school it is today. Under the Headship of Peter Rowe, the decade saw a large building programme, an enhanced focus on the arts and a broadening of extra-curricular activities beyond the traditional sports and Cadet Force. Cranbrook School and the Old Cranbrookians’ Association feel it is important to mark this very significant anniversary and we hope that if you were one of our first female students in the 1970s that you will want to be part of the celebrations.

Please email us at oca@cranbrook.kent.sch.uk if you would like to hear more about our plans and please share our news with any school friends that you are still in touch with as we would love to reconnect with those that we no longer have contact details for. Thank you.
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