1956/7 Helicopter at Cornwallis
Duncan Macnab 1956-1960.
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1956/7 Helicopter landing at Cornwallis

I recall that the helicopter was piloted by an old boy who was serving in the Army Air Corps (Middle Wallop?) who had asked if he could come and give a demo.
He had two or three soldiers with him and showed a number of things they could do. The best part was being allowed to get on board with three/four others and be taken for a short hop round the town and I can remember the aircraft banking to the right over the top of the church tower and being able to look almost straight down on it through the open door! We were all strapped to the side but it didn’t feel very secure! The whole trip took about 5 minutes and I remember wishing it could have been longer.

All told I think about 15-20 members of the CCF were given a flight. The take-off and landing place was the playing field behind Cornwallis. I think the date might have been 1956 or ’57 in the winter - October or November.
No such thing as risk school assessments in those days!

Duncan Macnab (1952-1960 Horsley).

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