1970s Music Scene
Jackie Winspear 1970
"Simon Tudor was the person who really got the music scene going 1971-72, along with Pete Cullen, and was involved in the booking of bands such as Genesis (oh, those early days!) A few of the guys in Genesis were out of Charterhouse school, so gave us a deal. I know because I helped with some vague peripheral stuff to do with it all, and I remember Nick being part of the general organizing group.

My memory of the Genesis gig is being backstage when two of the main plugs for the guitars came out of the wall because the guys were moving around too much, and someone yelled to me to hold them in place (the plugs, not the band) the whole time!. I’m a bit nervous around electricity, so I was convinced I’d be zapped because the power strips were completely overloaded!

Simon and Pete Cullen also had a band and they were generally the warm up act. They used to practice in Simon’s back garden. Simon had a Fender bass guitar and Pete had a flashy brand new Gibson Les Paul, and would boast a bit about the gold pickups! I think Tim Smit was on piano/keyboards. I remember us being in a pub in Goudhurst (the Friday evening pub gang. I was usually the only girl and you drove us in your dad’s estate car) where Tim started playing the piano and everyone in the pub gathered round. Real honky-tonk stuff.

Anyway … I also think Barclay James Harvest came to the school, and a band called Comus. Simon was a real music nut and had the best record collection. Very sad that both Simon Tudor and Pete Cullen are now deceased. I remember Nick B and that hair of his - it was black and very curly and all over the place - and him running around backstage at the events. Nick was probably the one who yelled at me to take my life in my hands holding onto those plugs!”

Notes from an email between Jackie Winspear and Tim Spelling, kindly approved for publication.
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