Richard Fisher (Rammell 1972)
In the Summer of 1971, James Bradnock, master in charge of cricket, suggested that a week of Old Boys cricket on Big Side would be a good idea and gave me the contact details of some chap called Winterbottom, who was the Secretary of The Lynxes. Little did I know that David Winterbottom was only ever referred to as ‘Icy Arse’, so when it emerged, one evening that August in The Windmill pub, that I had written him a letter which started ‘Dear Sir’, my humiliation was mega.

Evenings in the Windmill in August in the 1970s were legendary. Henry Wybourn andSydney Prall wrestling naked on the public bar floor; The Racqueteers in full chorus afterPhilip Thompson had had his underpants removed; Andrew Bond teaching John Taylorhow to drink (he still hasn’t learnt!); and the pub regularly running dry. Waking up at10 a.m. on the floor of the bar, covered only with a blanket provided by the landlady,was never a good start to the day, especially when an hour later the Scorpions won the toss and 12 overs on a flat track were required. Yes, Big Side had a very flat track in those days. The scoreboard worked, the sightscreens rolled, the outfield was cut like an Augusta fairway and the teas included marmite and potato crisp sandwiches with the crusts removed.

The cricket was always of a decent quality and old boy Peter West, doyen of the BBC TV sports presentation team and compère of Come Dancing (the forerunner to Strictly),would walk the boundary muttering how much better things were in his day.

In the 1970s a week’s cricket in August seemed so much easier to organise than it does nowadays. There was not so much pressure on time. Perhaps we organised our lives in a more simplistic way? Eight days of cricket and excessive drinking with good friends was not to be missed. That was the first week in the annual diary that got ‘inked in’.

My wish is that the Lynxes of the 2020s get as much pleasure as we did 50 years ago.
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