John Taylor (Allan 1967)
For many years Lynxes week was sacrosanct, the date went in the diary in the New Year and family holidays were booked ‘around it’. My wife Caroline and my two daughters have extremely fond memories, not necessarily about the cricket, but for them, as for us, it was very enjoyable socially. We were lucky in that we lived locally, but other friends came from further afield and some stayed the week, Fishers, Spellings, Jenners, all with children, some with dogs (e.g. Gundagai!)

How fortunate we were in having, for a large part of our time at least, the Windmill, What memories - Lynn & Do Do [Dawkins], being able to walk off the ground straight into the pub, Fisher’s tab, the Racqueteers on a Wednesday evening, Henry John [Wybourn], Spoof, “mine’s a brandy” (Do do) et al. And before Ron & Lynn, of course, the infamous TonyCollinge, who was another terrible ‘poof ‘player. But what sessions! In those days there were
two bars, saloon and public, and we were almost in the public end. It was Henry John’s domain on a Wednesday night (Racqueteeers’ night) with nude wrestling and the company of Andrew Bond et al. Happy days.

And not forgetting the cricket!
In the main, good cricket played enjoyably! Nice opposition, who we got to know well over the years:

Cranbrook Town and Briley vs Townsend (only one winner there).

The Old Sutts, a lot of old friends, cold baked beans for lunch on the away trip,

The Racqueteers, nearly always too strong for us, but off the field!!!

The Bluemantles, always an interesting mix of guys and we sometimes got to play on the Nevill, always a treat. I seem to remember a Gary Marshall initiation in the pub in the Pantiles.

In the old days, on the second Saturday, we used to play a touring side named Leicester Ivanhoe, always extraordinarily strong. And then on the final Sunday, the Scorpions, a side brought down by Nigel Wheeler, godson of Tubby Craven of OS fame, and what a great game to end our week. A lot of us were very tired by then, and we possibly didn’t always give the best account of ourselves, but really nice opposition (including the Judge!)

So, to close:

A terrific week with good cricket, too much beer sometimes, great friendships to this day and many, many, very happy memories. We were very lucky.
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