Simon Anthonisz (Rammell 1970)
I suspect that my memories of playing for the Lynxes might be a little different to most others. I would think that the majority of players began their 'careers' quite soon after leaving Cranbrook, some while still at school. I, on the other hand, didn't make my 'debut' until 25 or 30 years later (I can't remember exactly).

I have my Marden C.C. teammate, Gary Marshall, to thank for persuading me to enter the Lynxes' fold. Though I held few happy memories of my Cranbrook school days (Summer term and cricket excluded), it was wonderful to reconnect with friends and to make new, likeminded ones. I determined to make up for at least some of the lost time and after I relocated to St. Lucia, ensured that my UK trips coincided with the Lynxes week. One should regret nothing. However, I should have liked to have played in my heyday, such as it was, but I am
pleased to have participated in the latter years and hope there may still be a last hurrah or two to come!
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