1955 The Admirable Crichton
Michael J.O.N. Sealy
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Summer 1955 - The Admirable Crichton by J.M.Barrie ( who also wrote “Peter Pan”)

“The play first performed in 1902, is a satirical comedy dealing with class and social structure. Lord Loam, is a British peer and Crichton is his butler. Loam considers the class divisions in British society to be artificial. He promotes his views during tea-parties where servants mingle with his aristocratic guests, to the embarrassment of all. Crichton particularly disapproves, considering the class system to be "the natural outcome of a civilised society".

In Act Two, Loam, his family and friends, and Crichton are shipwrecked on a deserted tropical island. The resourceful Crichton is the only one of the party with any practical knowledge, and he assumes, initially with reluctance, the position of leader.

Act Three reveals the island two years later. Crichton has civilised the island with farming and house building and now, called "the Guv.", is waited on with the trappings and privileges of power, just as his master had been in Britain. Lady Mary, Loam's daughter, falls in love with him, and just as she and Crichton are about to be married by a clergyman who was shipwrecked with them, the sound of a ship's gun is heard. As the rescuers greet the castaways, he resumes his status as butler.”

Cast (some )
Crichton M.J. Draco
Lord Loam M.L.Beaumont
Hon. Ernest Woolley M.J.Sealy
Lady Mary Lasenby D.A.Thorpe

Photo ( On the Desert Island)
L to R: D.A.Thorpe, M. Beaumont, M.Draco , D.A.Hudson, K.E.Martin, M. Sealy, C.Hunt, ?.
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