For the second year the Lynxes week was held immediately after the end of the summer term. The fine weather allowed all games to be completed, the ground (thanks to the excellent work of Steven Hooper) was in great condition and the organisation sound. Lunches and teas were, as usual, a credit to Graeme Edmonds and his staff and our smart new tables and chairs helped to set the scene for enjoyable cricket played in a friendly but competitive atmosphere.There were so many good aspects to the week. Including the game against the school a total of six matches were played with wins against the School, Fleet Street Exiles and the Kensington and Chelsea Strays. The match against the Scorpions was drawn while the two losses (against the Bully Boys and Old Georgians) both involved tight finishes. The most pleasing point was the number of Cranbrookians playing during the week, thirty seven in total, with no fewer than six of the 2008 School 1st XI enjoying their first experience of Lynxes cricket. The electronic scoreboard, to which the Lynxes had contributed £ 1,000, shone brightly and provided evidence of some special individual performances. Gary Marshall scored the most runs in the week and also took the most wickets, although Tim Hinchliffe's 67 runs and 6 wickets for 34 against the Fleet Street Exiles was the best all round performance in a single match.

The OC's playing in the week were:

Tom Allen (W 1986), James Barron (C 1991), Thomas Beney (A 1996), Oli Blaydon (CS 1996), Nick Burdge (W 1972), Will Chuter (W 1996),
Winston Cuthbert (CS 1993), James Faulkner (School), Richard Fisher (R 1972), James Frape (W 1996), Adam Fullwood (A 2004), John Furminger (Staff), Tim Hinchcliffe (R 1998), Chris Hoggard (A 2004), Richard Iveson (School) Barney James, Jeremy Lawson (A 1990),
Peter Ludgate (A 1970), Nick Manser (School), Laurence March (School), Ed Marley (CS 1987), Gary Marshall (H 1977), Giles May (C 1991), Oli Morkel (A 2005), Paul Morkel (A 2004), Andy Mullins (R 1952), Toby Mullins (R 1979), Nick Pink (C 1995), Tim Piper (CS 1993), Hugh Richards (A 1976), Miles Richards (A 1971), Fred Skarbeck (School), Joseph Schindler (School), Roger Tapping (Ex Staff),
Charlie Thompson (W 1994), Ben Tragett (CS 1993), Matt Young (C 1996), Hugo Youngman (A 1983)

The 2009 week will begin with the game against the School on Saturday July 11 th. Any OC's wishing to play for the Lynxes should check the website for more details.

Jeremy Barham

Key points from the Lynxes AGM and review of the Week:

Bigside - the school will hire external contractors to level an area covering 14 wickets on the square for removal of thatch and relaying of the loam surface. This work will be carried out at the end of July for the new wickets to be ready for April 2009. The new scoreboard and additional tables and chairs added greatly to the enjoyment of the week. Portable sightscreens are next on the "wish list".

School links - it is not known who might be appointed Master i/c Cricket 2009. The school plan to appoint a Development Officer who will liaise with the OCA to maintain stronger ties between the school and former pupils.

Lynxes Cups - for his performances in the 2008 week Gary Marshall was awarded both the Andrew Bond Cup (Batting) and the David Winterbottom Cup (Bowling).

Lynxes funds - current funds are at a satisfactory level but the Sponsorship from Williams Investment will now end. The Lynxes had contributed £ 1,000 to the cost of the new scoreboard. Allowing schoolboys to play without having to pay match fees was thought to be a positive move.

Fixtures 2009 - The Lynxes will enter the BM Cricket World Trophy knock-out competition for Old Boys' teams again and the fixtures in the week (July 11 th - 17 th) should be the same as in 2008. The Match Managers may change.
Database and communications - the database is continually being updated but it is critical that all OC's advise any change of e mail address. The Lynxes Archives (1947-2007) were available during the week.Colin Barrett and John Taylor, respectively, have kindly agreed to maintain the Lynxes website and the record of players' averages.

Officers of the Club - James Thompson was elected a Vice President in recognition of his many years' work for the Club.The following have agreed to act as officers of the Club in 2009.

President. Jeremy Barham.
Chairman. Tim Spelling
Treasurer. Charles Thompson
Match Secretary. Tom Allen
Committee. Jeremy Lawson, Will Chuter, Gary Marshall

Saturday July 12 th - Lynxes v School (50 overs per side)

The match was agreed as a 50 over match for the Wybourn Cup currently held by the School. Richard Iverson won the toss for the school and asked the Lynxes to bat first. The first six overs were maidens due mainly to the bowling being too short and wide and this eventually lead to the demise of the veteran Miles Richards who was caught for 6 at long leg. Hugo Youngman batted steadily with a couple of chances for a well earned 55 while at the other end Toby Mullins hit a quick fire 34. Adam Fullwood continued the onslaught with a rapid 40. Gary Marshall 42* and Charles Thompson 23 followed by Ollie Morkel 20* saw the innings through to a creditable 237 - 6 at the end of 50 overs. The school bowling was steady with wickets shared. Freddie Skarbeck bowled a good line and length of left arm over medium pace.The school reply was always up with the required run rate but the frequent loss of wickets was always going to mean a Lynxes win with the school eventually out for 144. Ollie Blaydon made early inroads with 2-37 and was ably assisted by Paul Morkel 2-13. Not to be out done, Ollie Morkel chipped in with 3-5 and Gary Marshall 3-20. Most of the school wickets fell to poor shots due to lack of experience but there was evidence of some promising talent that will come through in the next few years.

Six of the team played for us during the week (and one against us). They played very well and we look forward to them playing in future years thus enabling the Lynxes to prosper for many years to come.

Gary Marshall

Miles Richards 6
Hugo Youngman 55
Toby Mullins 34
Adam Fullwood 40
Gary Marshall 42 not out
Charlie Thompson 23
James Frape 0
Ollie Morkel 20 not out
Paul Morkel )
Will Chuter ) did not bat
Ollie Blaydon )
Extras 17Total 237 for 6

James Faulkner 2
Laurence March 1
Nick Manser 16
Richard Smith 22
T Walker 2
Joseph Schindler 20
Richard Iverson (capt) 4
Bertie Berger 12
A Jarvis 23 not out
Fred Skarbeck 7
Will Huish 11
Extras 24Total 144
Ollie Blaydon 7 - 1 - 37 - 2
Will Chuter 7 - 4 - 13 - 0
Paul Morkel 4.3 - 0 - 13 - 2
Ollie Morkel 6 - 3 - 5 - 3
Gary Marshall 6 - 0 - 20 - 3
James Frape 8 - 0 - 45 - 0
Lynxes won by 93 runs

Sunday July 13 th - Lynxes v Scorpions

Match manager Tim Spelling withdrew from playing with an injury which left the Lynxes with no real penetration in the bowling department so the only chance for victory was to insert the Scorpions and chase a total. Our bowling was exposed and the Scorpions smashed their way to 285-5 off of only 35 overs. The wickets were shared one each between Daniel Stickles (ringer), Nick Burdge, Charlie Thompson, Hugh Richards and Andy Mullins. To win was always going to be tough but Robin Wilson (squash friend of Gary Marshall) who was fresh from playing in the West Country 15 years ago and the evergreen John Furminger got the Lynxes reply off to well over 100 for the first wicket. Furry pulled and cut his way 44, Robin took a while to get his eye in but then proceeded to hit a magnificent 120. Despite this fine start the asking rate was still high.Marshall went for 32 and then Burdge and Stickles went after the bowling and an unlikely win looked possible until Stickles was run out backing up when a shot from Nick Burdge went straight to the bowler. Charlie Thompson had to leave early for business reasons so with a batsman short the Lynxes held on for a draw at 255 -7 which was their last wicket standing. We look forward to the Scorpions coming back in their 40th year next year.

Gary Marshall

Scorpions - 285 for 5 declared
Richard Fisher 5 - 0 - 30 - 0
Dan Stickells 12 - 1 - 63 - 1
Nick Burdge 8 - 0 - 59 - 1
Charlie Thompson 6 - 0 - 43 - 1
Gary Marshall 2 - 0 - 25 - 0
Hugh Richards 2 - 0 - 26 - 1
Andy Mullins 1 - 0 - 4 - 1


John Furminger 44
Rob Wilson 120
Gary Marshall 32
Toby Mullins 0
Nick Burdge 21 not out
Dan Stickells 30
Andy Mullins 0
Hugh Richards 0
Richard Fisher 0 not out
Charles Thompson absent
Extras 22 Total 255 for 7
Match drawn

Tuesday July 15 th - Lynxes v Bully Boys

No match report available.The opposition score was underpinned by Peter Newman who has played for the Lynxes in the recent past. We should get him back!

Laurence March 43
Tom Allen 37
Nick Manser 52
Toby Mullins 17
Roger Tapping 25
Winston Cuthbert 4
Tim Piper 18
Ben Tragett 15 not out
Ed Marley 0 not out
K Rummery )
Fred Skarbek ) did not bat
Extras 20Total 231

Bully Boys241 for 8 (Peter Newman 71)
Ben Tragett 12 - 0 - 38 - 3
K Rummery 7.5 - 0 - 32 - 2
Ed Marley 8 - 0 - 41 - 1
Fred Skarbek 8 - 1 - 29 - 0
Tim Piper 8 - 1 - 26 - 1
Nick Manser 5 - 0 - 41 - 2
Lynxes lost by 2 wickets

Wednesday July 16 th - Lynxes v Fleet Street Exiles

Never trust a journalist. Especially when he tells you the Fleet Street Exiles side he has brought to Big Side this year is "Much weaker than normal". Although Lynxes skipper Chuter suspected some red-top exaggeration, he was satisfied that it wasn't the normal 'Gypsies set to overrun Britain by August' Daily Mail scaremongering. So he was fairly happy to contrive a toss in which the home side batted first to enable the fullest possible game.

The FSE bowling posed less of a threat than the Big Side wicket, as a mortally hungover Barney James found out to his cost when a slow straight one died under his bat. "I was aiming for the other ball", he told unsympathetic observers. With a handful of runs on the board, Lynxes were one wicket down, but being steadied nicely by a combination of Gary Marshall's limpet-like adhesion to the crease, and Nick Pink's flashing blade. These two built a respectable total, if rather slowly (necessary on that wicket, it must be said), and Lynxes started to take some risks to put the home side in a decent position for lunch. There followed an inevitable clatter of wickets as Pink wafted at a wide one, departing for a good-looking 43. At this point Lynxes no.6 Timmy Hinchliffe left his umpiring spot at square leg, muttering darkly "I'd better not be in before lunch"- he was planning to squirrel away some extra food before the others arrived. Adopted OC Jamie Murrin came and went quickly to another shooter, bringing Dr James Barron to the crease to assert some calm authority in a crisis. "I'm a consultant now", he'd earlier told the skipper. So the skipper duly consulted him with a problem that had been bothering him for some time: how is it that beavers can cut down huge trees using only their teeth? He couldn't answer, and we all finally understood why the NHS is in such trouble. If Baz's medical star was rising, it looked like his cricketing one was too, as he smashed a couple of half-volleys to the cover boundary before falling LBW to another low one. At this point, Timmy dragged himself reluctantly to the crease, with one eye on the BBQ, and survived the 5 minutes until lunch, with the game in the balance at 120-4.

After a long and delicious lunch, Gary and Tim resumed and expertly took advantage of the characteristic 'post-lunch slump' that besets sides who field first in Lynxes week, moving the score along nicely. Then the real turning-point in the momentum of the match. FSE put on a bowler who was so thin he was invisible from the side. Anaemically, he floated nearly an over of full-tosses near Tim, who brilliantly smashed three of them for six over deep square-leg, and one of them for a glorious straight six over long-on. He did all this with very little effort, and the game began to go our way. Soon after this, Gary was out to another shooter, having added one more invaluable 50 to his mammoth Lynxes tally. Second adopted OC Richard Hegarty came and went without troubling the scorers much, bringing Matt Young excitedly to the wicket. He scampered runs swiftly where Timmy ambled, until the latter was finally out for a top-class 67. It was then left to the tail to do some wagging, which it duly did, with Chuter (16), Blaydon (3 *) and Beney (8) providing comic entertainment as well as useful runs, and leaving Lynxes bowled out for 229 from 55 overs.

So far, it had been the Tim and Gary (and Pinky) show, and the Lynxes' performance in the field was no different. Where Blaydon and Chuter failed to make inroads and bowled expensively all day, Hinchliffe took four wickets in his first spell from the bottom end with his consistent line and length pushed through at a decent pace. From the other end, Murrin and Hegarty toiled to no avail, and - despite an extremely worthy cameo of pace and bounce from Beney later on, who deserved to bowl more - it was left to Gary to tie up the top end. With a fighter pilot's flight and a fox's guile, he took four wickets, abetted by some tremendous Barronial catching. Young was indefatigable behind the stumps, despite an apparent inability to appeal for LBWs.

The Exiles were succumbing meekly, and quickly, and it looked as though their skipper had been truthful in his pre-match dissimulation, for at 5.50pm, they were 152-9. Hinchliffe had already bagged five from 13 overs for about 25 runs. Yet numbers 10 and 11 batted gamely on: the one whip-thin and fiercely competitive; the other looking uncannily like John Belushi. The 20-over mark came and went as they ran well, missed the ball all too well, and survived appeal after appeal from both ends. With 10 overs to go and the Exiles suddenly within reach of the target at 190-9, Chuter had to try something to take a wicket. His own bowling certainly did not work; Beney's might have if only he'd stopped cantering around the pitch, tossing his mane wildly. Blaydon discounted himself, heroically. So Chuter reverted to the tried and tested combination of class performers Marshall and Hinchliffe. Whilst the Blues Brothers had got to grips with Gary's loop, they never managed to get the better of Tim's accuracy, and had to rely on runs from the other end. With three overs to go, and seven runs needed for a win, the tension was almost unbearable. With one last great effort, Hinchliffe steamed in and John Belushi finally nicked one, with our own Nick (Pink) snaffling it as he dived to his right behind the sticks. Lynxes had won by seven runs. Cue outrageous celebrations and Andrew Flintoff-Brett Lee style commiserations from Hinchliffe to Belushi. Tim finished with an outstanding 6-34 from 16 overs to add to his 67 with the bat - comparisons with Flintoff were deserved that day. Gary finished with an excellent return of 4-55 from 16 overs to cap a second superb all-round performance.

This was another incredibly close contest with the Fleet Street Exiles, and very much in the tradition of this fixture. That tradition is: epic, hard-fought match, which Lynxes win. Let's hope it doesn't change.

Will Chuter


Gary Marshall 62
Barney James 9
Nick Pink 43
Jake Murrin 6
James Barron 3
Tim Hinchcliffe 67
Richard Hegarty 0
Matt Young 3
Will Chuter 16
Ollie Blaydon 3 not out
Thomas Beney 8
Extras 9Total 229
Fleet Street Exiles 222 all out
Ollie Blaydon 4 - 0 - 25 - 0
Tim Hinchcliffe 16.3 - 6 - 34 - 6
Will Chuter 7 - 1 - 42 - 0
Jake Murrin 3 - 0 - 21 - 0
Gary Marshall 14 - 2 - 55 - 4
Richard Hegarty 3 - 0- 26 - 0
Thomas Beney 3 - 0 - 11 - 0
Lynxes won by 7 runs

Thursday July 17 th - Lynxes v Kensington and Chelsea Strays

The Lynxes side was inserted by Ollie Blaydon, captain of the K&C Strays, and suffered at the hands of opening bowler Field, who claimed the top five Lynxes wickets with his extra pace and height for a mere 40 runs; a variability of bounce assisting his cause. His withdrawal from the attack allowed Pete Copplestone (guest player) and Tom Allen to build a partnership which finally totalled 130. Copplestone completed his powerfully-struck century from the final ball of Lynxes' 50 overs.The K&C reply experienced an equally calamitous start. Paul Morkel and Tim Goddard (guest) both generated away movement and the resulting edges all went to hand - Peter Ludgate's leaping catch at gulley being the highlight. Some lusty lower order hitting brought the visitors to three figures before Goddard claimed the final wicket in murky light.

Tom Allen


Laurence March 0
Nick Pink 18
Jacob Thompson 0
James Barron 8
Gary Marshall 25
Peter Ludgate 4
Peter Copplestone 100 not out
Tom Allen 44
Tim Goddard 17
Richard Iveson 2 not out
Paul Morkel did not bat
Extras 13Total 231 for 8
Kensington and Chelsea Strays - 100
Tim Goddard 5.4 - 0 - 32 - 3
Paul Morkel 5 - 1 - 19 - 3
Richard Iveson 6 - 0 - 22 -1
Peter Ludgate 3 - 0 - 24 - 0
Jacob Thompson 3 - 1 - 7 - 1
Lynxes won by 131 runs

Friday July 18 th - Lynxes v Old Georgians

It is not often that Lynxes have 12 players on the morning of a game, but that was the situation at 11:15 am. The unfortunate Carlos Lloyd was asked to step down, but Lynxes still had a nice blend of youth and experience in the side: five players from this year's school 1st XI (James Faulkner, Nick Manser, Laurie March, Joseph Schindler and Freddie Skarbeck), five over-30s (James Barron, Jez Lawson, Gary Marshall, Giles May and Max Taylor) and one 20-something (Chris Hoggard).

Old Georgians won the toss and decided to bat on a slightly overcast morning. For the Lynxes, Manser donned the keeper's gloves and his first act in the very first over was to tumble comically into the wickets, sending all three stumps flying. Thereafter, the home side settled down and Skarbeck bowled with a confident rhythm that belies his youth. However, it was his new-ball partner Hoggard that took two early wickets in one over, pegging back the OGs at 34-2.
These looked like being the only two wickets before lunch, but just as Notton and McKinley were set to post a century stand, the former was bowled by a shooter from Marshall. So low was the bounce, it even took one or two moles by surprise. On the way back to the pavilion, the indefatigable Notton remarked, "at least we're about to tuck into the best lunch on the circuit". As someone who has played quite a few venues in his time, this was high praise indeed. It has to be said that the BBQs during Lynxes Week are now a good enough reason in their own right to sign up for a game.

Fully laden with pork, lamb, sausages and profiteroles, the Lynxes did not take the field with quite as much enthusiasm as they had done two hours before. However, the fielding remained of a high standard with youngsters and veterans alike throwing themselves around the outfield. Only Barron dropped a realistic chance, much to the mirth of his contemporaries. Some things never change and that is what is so enjoyable about the week.

Some things do change, however, and that is the other enjoyable thing about Lynxes cricket. In this case, it was the introduction of 14-year-old Schindler that made the Old Georgian ship list from its stated course. Despite a few wayward deliveries, Schindler kept his concentration well and his eventual accuracy earned two good wickets, including McKinley for 52. With the bit between their teeth, Lynxes took 4 more wickets, so that Marshall finished with three, Hoggard likewise and the deserving Skarbeck with one. The later bowled 14 overs in 3 spells and was a handful for all the OGs batsmen, even the redoubtable Paul Burgess, who made a brisk 38.

Chasing 228 in what turned out to be 43 overs was always going to be a tough task. The silver lining was that this Lynxes team genuinely batted all the way down to 11. March (4) and Taylor (17) got Lynxes off to a steady start, but by the time both openers were out the equation was already at more than 6 an over. Manser (16) played some nice shots, but when he, Schindler (1) and Marshall (10) were out, things didn't look good for the home side at 80 for 5.

Barron (35) was the player that looked most fluent in the top order. How many times have we said that in the pavilion over the years, just before Baz gets out to something "unplayable" ? The Lynxes were down but not out. Lawson aimed some unexpectedly lusty blows with May (2) and Hoggard (4) at the other end. By the time Lawson (51) launched another skier and ran out of lives, he and Faulkner had got the Lynxes to within an even chance of victory. Needing 48 off the last 6 overs, Skarbeck (13) and "The Falcon" (25) fought a great rearguard action, but Lynxes eventually fell 25 runs short with 3 overs to go. The brilliant new scoreboard told the story clearly.

It was a very enjoyable game as ever and we are much indebted to Rich Aspinall and Brian O'Gorman of the Old Georgians for fielding a team outside of their regular cricket week. Next year will be the 10th fixture between the teams and it is a fitting "curtain-closer" to the week.

It only remains to say that Gary Marshall had another astonishing year at Big Side. In his 50th year (still hard to believe) he surpassed Hugo Youngman at the top of the fielding list with his 69th catch, a typically athletic effort. He also picked up the unprecedented "double" of the Andrew Bond batting cup (171 runs) and the David Winterbottom bowling cup (10 wickets). Not satisfied with those feats, he also passed 4,000 runs for Lynxes during the week. Knowing Gary, he will be setting his sights on 5,000 already. He has been a great servant to Lynxes cricket and it is fitting that he now will play a leading role on the Committee.

Jeremy Lawson

Old Georgians - 228 for 8 declared (J McKinley 52, G Notton 41, P Burgess 38)
Fred Skarbek 14 - 1 - 49 - 1
Chris Hoggard 10 - 2 - 52 - 3
James Faulkner 5 - 1 - 28 - 0
Gary Marshall 7 - 1 - 23 - 3
Laurence March 2 - 0 - 16 - 0
Joseph Schindler 6 - 1 - 28 - 2
Max Taylor 2 - 0 - 19 - 0


Max Taylor 17
Laurence March 4
Nick Manser 16
James Barron 35
Joseph Schindler 1
Gary Marshall 10
Jeremy Lawson 51
Giles May 2
Chris Hoggard 4
James Faulkner 25
Fred Skarbek 13
Extras 21Total 199
Lynxes lost by 29 runs
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