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The OC Golf Society has been running for over 25 years playing for the splendid Donald Robathan trophy. Those historians amongst you may recall this trophy was originally the Victor Ludorum Trophy for Athletics first presented in 1928 before it was renamed and re-presented.
The stableford tournament is open to all OCs and staff and is held annually in early July at a course locally to Cranbrook. Venues have included The Weald of Kent GC, Cranbrook GC, Lamberhust GC and more recently The Darenth Valley GC. The format is groups of four teeing off from the 1st and 10th tee preceded by bacon rolls and coffee then followed by a buffet and brief presentation once the last groups have finished. It should be noted that Darenth Valley GC are very generous with their hospitality.
Sadly the 2020 Golf Day has had to be cancelled. The date and details of the 2021 day will be published later in the year, but you can register your interest in taking part in the 2021 event now by logging in to this website, going to the Events section and clicking on the ‘Register Interest’ link on the Golf Day page. We will update you by email as soon as more information is available.
A brief history of the OCA Golf Day
In the late 1980’s annual golf matches were played by some Lynxes cricketers against members of the Scorpions C.C. at Royal Ashdown, then the idea developed of holding a golf day for Cranbrookians only and the first was held in 1993. At the time, John Taylor (Horsley 1967) was the Captain at Cranbrook G.C., where David Firminger (Staff) would take students from the School to play and together they arranged an inaugural event, in which one other member of Staff and 13 OCs played in a stableford competition.
One of eight Robathans who attended the School, Donald (Allan 1928) kindly donated a trophy which he had won as Victor Ludorum in the School Athletics in his leaving year. It was subsequently engraved “Donated by D.E.Robathan for the Lynxes Golf Day”. He very kindly came to personally present the award to winners in the early competitions.
The Golf Day (with a morning Stableford round and an afternoon Texas Scramble) continued to be held at Cranbrook for a further 5 years, although in 1998 the event had to be cancelled due to rain.  
From 1999 to 2006 The Weald of Kent G.C. was used as the venue with the day organised principally by David Firminger. Attendance began to decline as OCs from the 40s and 50s reduced their support.
Jeremy Barham (Crowden 1960) took over the organisation of the Golf Day in 2007 and the venue was changed to his own club, Lamberhurst G.C., where the event was held every July for the next eight years, although Jeremy Philpot (Allan 1977) and Mike Jakob (Horsley 1976) took over the administration in 2014.
During this period typically around 20 OCs over a broad range of leaving years would play a single round of golf for the Donald Robathan Trophy. Lamberhurst provided an excellent environment with its fine views but it was also a stern test due to the doglegs and sloping lies.
In 2015, to offer greater easier accessibility, it was decided that Nizels G.C., near Sevenoaks, would provide a better venue, although attendees soon found that the course, with its several water hazards, was also quite difficult. The club looked after us well but play was often slow. Again attendance was in the low 20s.
After three years, another change was introduced and Jeremy and Mike moved the event to Darenth Valley G.C., now known as “The Darenth”, which is also located near Sevenoaks. As the club’s website describes, “the landscape is gently rolling, based on free draining chalk and the 18 hole course is 6,200 yards in length, Par 72, and suitable for all standards of golfer”.
Attendance at the new venue has been really encouraging with 35 players entering the competition in 2018, of whom nearly a quarter were leavers from 2011 and 2012. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, the event scheduled for July 2020 had to be cancelled but another enjoyable day is planned for next year.
Apart from the award of the Donald Robathan Trophy to the player with the highest Stableford score, various other prizes are awarded for the Runner-up, Nearest the Pin, Longest Drive etc. and the day is rounded off with food and drink.
Since the inaugural Golf Day over 100 members of School staff and OCs have played in the event . Twenty-one different players have their name on the Donald Robathan Trophy. 
The Donald Robathan Trophy winners
1993 Rod Smith Staff Cranbrook G.C.
1994 John Taylor Horsley 1967 Cranbrook G.C.
1995 John Taylor Horsley 1967 Cranbrook G.C.
1996 Mike Stancombe Cornwallis 1958 Cranbrook G.C.
1997 Alastair Cowan Rammell 1951 Cranbrook G.C.
1998 Not played – rain    
1999 Miles Richards Allan 1971 Weald Of Kent G.C.
2000 Richard Fisher Rammell 1972 Weald Of Kent G.C.
2001 Robin Holliday Horsley 1964 Weald Of Kent G.C.
2002 Edward Pardoe Crowden 1983 Weald Of Kent G.C.
2003 Jeremy Barham Crowden 1960 Weald Of Kent G.C.
2004 Edward Pardoe Crowden 1983 Weald Of Kent G.C.
2005 Tom Allen Webster 1985 Weald Of Kent G.C.
2006 Miles Richards Allan 1971 Weald Of Kent G.C.
2007 Giles May Crowden 1991 Lamberhurst G.C.
2008 Matt Bates Horsley 1990 Lamberhurst G.C.
2009 Matt Bates Horsley 1990 Lamberhurst G.C.
2010 Jeremy Barham Crowden 1960 Lamberhurst G.C.
2011 Keith Wookey Webster 1990 Lamberhurst G.C.
2012 Toby Mullins Rammell 1979 Lamberhurst G.C.
2013 Tom Allen Webster 1985 Lamberhurst G.C.
2014 Robin Holliday Horsley 1964 Lamberhurst G.C.
2015 Richard Winch Horsley 1972 Nizels G.C.
2016 Paul Sorensen Staff Nizels G.C.
2017 James Thorne Rammell 1971 Nizels G.C.
2018 Steve Smith Horsley 1990 Darenth Valley G.C.
2019 Rich Scully Horsley 2011 Darenth Valley G.C.
2020 Not played    
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