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Blubery’s Human Legacy

In 1517 and with the flourish of a quill, John Blubery signed his will and gifted his entire estate to found a school in Cranbrook. In that split second he could never have imagined how far reaching his gift would be and what he would vicariously achieve for the world. From war heroes to Olympians, from artists to physicians and of course an astronaut, Cranbrook’s body of alumni has so much for Blubery to be proud of. Every life well lived is an achievement, every small kindness or sacrifice important to those they touch. Every Old Cranbrookian is someone Cranbrook School is proud to call its alumnus.
Meet some of our better-known Old Cranbrookians here (click on an image to read their story) and let us know who else warrants a special mention.
2019 Allan
1974 – 1979 Webster
1951 - 54 Rammell
2018 Allan
1943 - 1950 Horsley
1918 - 1924 Crowden
1914 – 1919
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